In my previous blog, I wrote about singly linked and added some functions, in order to create our data structure. In this blog I cover doubly linked list, which is almost identical to singly linked list, except in doubly linked list, every node has another pointer, which points at the previous node, unlike the singly linked list, where each node has only one pointer, which points at the next node.

As you could tell, doubly linked list gives us more flexibility, but more flexibility usually requires more memory and that is the downside of using doubly linked list.

Let’s create…

There has been something very interesting about this journey of becoming a software developer, I have learned things that I did not know where, when, why and how I am going to use them!
Learning how to write a function, a class or a for loop in JavaScript seems to be easy, but it is important to understand that all this small pieces of a programming language are there to help you to form and manage data structures. …

As a music and audio production enthusiast for the past 10 years I have been witnessing the growth impact of technology on music. It is fascinating how technology made audio production and audio processing more accessible. It was not long ago when everything needed to be done in a fully analog recording studio equipped with pricy rare equipments.

With DAWs being introduced most of the steps could be done anywhere artists have access to a computer and a pair of headphones, although you could go fancy with that and spend as much as studio, but the idea is to making…

After graduating from Flatiron software engineering program, I felt the urge to improve my knowledge of algorithms. Unlike my expectation the algorithm learning process did not start all technical! That is to say, to come up with an algorithm in order to solve a problem, it is necessary to have a problem solving strategy.

Here I am sharing a common problem solving strategy used by a lot of developers and mentioned in How To Solve It by Hungarian mathematician George Polya. …

React docs opinion on file structure

I have been learning React for past few weeks and my interaction with practice projects and labs made me ask this question several times;

“What is the best file structure for a React project?”

Before diving into file structure lets have a look at what we start with when creating a React project.

A solid start with “create-react-app”
Still the best way for developers to start a new React project would be using “create-react-app” command since it requires hardly any changes out of the box.

File structure created by ‘create-react-app-command

Let’s break this down this structure and understand the…

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to meet music producers who do not use any form of technology in their production. It could be the instrument they play or how they record and process a musical piece, computer science has its footprint on their production.

As an electronic musician and a beginner programmer, I find the two very similar in many ways. In fact programming is a form of music production and performance utilizing computer softwares and electronic devices such as synthesizers, workstations, sequencers and samplers.

To go over more details of how computer science and music go hand in hand…

As someone who is new to Rails, discovering new tools and their functionality always trigger that WHY question in my mind! “why this thing exists?” And this time using Flash in Rails brought up that question.

Flash contains different data after each HTTP request is sent

What is Flash?

According to Rails Docs, Flash provides a way to pass temporary primitive-types(string, array, hash) between actions. In other words, Flash is like a temporary data storage. It is basically a Rails method that lets us render messages in the next reload of our browser.

Flash is the solution for sending temporary…

As a game enthusiast and a beginner programmer, I always wonder what it would be like to develop a game?

What really grabs my attention is, how the game is developed and what role a software engineer plays in the process?

In the early 1970s to mid-1980s, when video games were becoming popular, a programmer was responsible for both programming and design of the game. That was because early computers were limited and having a graphic designer was not necessary. …

Soroosh Golbabae

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